New Office Location

It’s a busy time for SpeechyBird!  Many changes are happening for 2019 – most notably the switch from being a travelling therapy business to operating a speech therapy office.  In January, a sublease was signed, and by February I was moved in and ready for clients.

This was a difficult choice to make.  There were many advantages to visiting families in their homes and I found these visits to be very enjoyable.  Inevitably though, the travelling was becoming too time consuming, and with a growing wait list it made sense to open a space where more clients could have access to services.

The office is located in central York Region, in Richmond Hill, at the corner of Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road West, in a two-storey building called Elgin Mills Centre.  Our neighbours include PartSource, Down To Earth Natural Foods, Mexican Amigos, as well as The York Regional Police.

SpeechyBird has a separate, private office within the office suite that is shared with AMB Driving School.  We are just across the hall from pediatrician, Dr Michael Singer.  The building is completely accessible.  There is an elevator as well as stairs.  There is plenty of free parking.  The only drawback is that the second floor hallway is a little confusing because the units are not organized in any order – e.g. Unit #225 is at one end of the hallway and our office, Unit #224, is at the opposite end!

The move itself has been fun.  I have resurrected so many toys and games from my basement that I had not seen in years!  With a little TLC (and some help from one of my daughters), these toys have been all cleaned up, sorted and displayed, all ready to be played with.

I am so excited to start seeing clients in this new space.  It has great energy and promises to be a fun space.  I appreciate the patience and support I have received from all my SpeechyBird families during this time of transition and I look forward to seeing all my “little birdies” soon.

Cheers 🙂


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