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We partner with families to help children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, meet developmental speech and language milestones and achieve age appropriate communication and literacy skills.   At SpeechyBird promoting and developing the abilities of children is our highest priority.  Our goal is to empower children by enhancing their communication skills through assessment, individual therapy, parent consultation, and/or group sessions, based on individual needs…(read more)

The founder of SpeechyBird is speech-language pathologist Renée Laliberté. Here’s a short interview describing what Renée does, graciously produced by fellow entrepreneur and Mary Kay Consultant, Monica Hecht.

You can see more videos produced by Monica on her YouTube Channel: YourMKDiva.


At SpeechyBird promoting and developing the abilities of children is our highest priority.  Our goal is to empower children by enhancing their communication skills through assessment, individual therapy, parent consultation, and/or group sessions, based on individual needs.  As the principal speech-language pathologist of SpeechyBird, Renée Laliberté works with you and your child in your home,  or other convenient and welcoming location, anywhere in York Region.   She is also happy to work with you remotely by Skype.

Therapy is inclusive, meaning Renée encourages involvement and interaction from all family members to help meet your child’s objectives. Professional collaboration is important to Renée; she will work together with other specialists who are involved with your child, including: preschool or school speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, teachers, tutors, early childhood educators, psychologists, social workers, art therapists, music therapists, etc.

As a working mother, Renée understands the demanding life of a parent.  You can be certain that she will strive to understand your needs, your child’s needs and your family’s needs, to develop a treatment plan for your child, that will fit cohesively into your busy lifestyle as well as the family budget.

Early intervention is key so don’t   “wait and see”!

Call today to schedule a free consultation with Renée so you can make a well-informed decision about whether you need speech, language, and/or literacy services for your child.


Renée Laliberté is the founder of SpeechyBird: Speech, Language, & Literacy Services. She is a registered speech-language pathologist with The College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO) and a member of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC).  She has extensive experience working in the public health and education sectors, including nine years in preschool speech and language services and eight years in school boards, with a focus on enhancing speech, language, and literacy skills in children.  Renée is also bilingual and can provide assessment and treatment services in both English and French.

Renée prides herself as a confidence-building therapist whose focus is to showcase your child’s communication strengths and abilities.

Renée is creative and fun, and will often be on the floor playing with your young child to get that meaningful face-to-face connection, or in the case of your older child that meaningful time-away-from-the-screen connection.  She has a unique style that is built on her natural intuition, empathy, and ability to understand both a child’s and a parent’s perspective.  She is a dedicated professional who thinks outside the norm to assist and advocate for your child and your family.

Take comfort in knowing that Renée understands the challenges of parenting children with unique skills and abilities – her own daughters have been diagnosed with learning differences.  She has been on both sides of the IEP (Individual Education Plan) and IPRC (Identification Placement Review Committee) meeting tables, and she understands the results of assessments from a professional and parental point of view. With this rare perspective, Renée is a supportive guide that you can team with to help your child travel down the road to maximizing their full potential.


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